Article by, Kevin Kukk

From POP-UP retail to brand activations, it's a match made in heaven for event marketers around the world. While POP-UP's have traditionally been designed for unexpected installations in unique spaces, savvy event producers are attracting major brand partners with cleverly crafted game plans that include awesome temporary retail villages on-site. 

It is the element of surprise that event goers love,

where they can test out new & exciting products, often in the experimental stage, giving companies important insights into strategic markets they look to invest and grow in.   

The best marketers are always looking to reach consumers in new and exciting ways. They are not just responsible for top of the funnel conversion anymore. They are responsible for lifecycle marketing which includes acquisition, nurturing, sales conversion, culture and advocacy. Marketing execs now have the added requirement of generating revenue, not just creating exposure or leads. With expanded answerability comes the need for more personalized connections that produce significant results, meeting the consumer on the consumer's terms, face-to-face. People don't want to only connect with brands, they want more opportunities to interact with others in fun and meaningful ways. Traditional models can encourage shoppers to buy a product or service, while experiential models put the product right in the hands of the consumer, where they decide right away if they will become a loyal buyer and advocate of the brand. 

Some still think of live events and sponsorship marketing as simply putting a logo on something. Those who do are missing
90% of the event marketing world — and losing out on major sales and organic distributors. Passionate marketers are now engaging people with more unique and memorable experiences that leave lasting impressions in the heart of the consumer. Isn't that exactly what we’re all hoping to achieve in marketing, building brand

loyalty? People remember,10% of what they hear,

20% of what they read and 80% of what they see & do. 95% of marketers agree that live events provide attendees with valuable opportunities to personalized connections in a very impersonal and noisy digital world. (Bizzabo) 

The best activation programs blend key elements of sight, sound, touch & taste, creating sensory experiences in sync with unique brand installations. Optimum responses happen when you ask your audience what they want, ask your brand partners how they want to cohesively achieve those goals,

then create ultra cool events leaving everyone wanting more.



 In 2019, you can expect budget allocations for POP-UP retail, in general, to continue to grow. Especially considering how effective marketers believe temporary 
event campaigns have been for their brands. Spending on sponsorship activation grew to an amazing estimated $595 billion last year, and forecasting suggests that number could rise further in the coming years. 93% of consumers claimed that live events had a larger influence on them than TV ads.(Statista) By generating powerful emotions and excitement in your brand or service, 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase products after experiencing a soundly orchestrated activation. (EventTrack)

Marketing teams are now following this lead, looking to forge more authentic relationships with

consumers. If brand activation continues to be a relatively cost-effective way to create genuine relationships with consumers, it’s easy to see why advertising budgets are on the decline with regards to brand action plans.

For example, take a look at Nike Soccer’s Strike Night campaign, which invited the best strikers from all over Europe to compete against each other on the most intelligent soccer goal ever made. While only 400 people were able to experience this event in person, the campaign was a massive success across Facebook Live and various other platforms. In total,​​ Nike Strike Night generated a mind-blowing,

700 million impressions. Impressive, now the key is turning those impressions and insights into actionable results. Leading brands understand this, combining amazing live events with owned and earned media.

The average person will now see more than 5000 ads in a single day. No longer do brands have to be overwhelmed with digital efforts failing and not delivering on returns. POP-UP marketing partnered with sponsored events allows a brand to hit people at their core, creating emotional charges of all senses. Don’t get left behind. Add this effective approach into your marketing mix in 2019 and start building dream events your customers will love today.


X Appeal has established itself as one of the fastest growing live activation firms across North America by creating immersive POP UP experiences that motivate & bond.



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