​"Activation firms have to adapt or risk becoming obsolete. We've evolved to a collaborative business model, making us faster and better."

Marketing executive Kevin Kukk has rebranded his one of a kind consumer engagement studio,

X APPEAL. The hybrid live experience and creative services firm pioneers a unique partnership model to build a profitable and sustainable, marketing ecosystem. The energetic mission drives revenue through actionable event programs that leverages the latest technologies and blends key elements of sight, sound, touch & taste, curating real brand relationships with consumers across North America.

The average person will now see more than 5000 ads in a single day. No longer do brands have to be overwhelmed with digital efforts failing and not delivering on returns. You now have a trusted partner that cuts through the noise, inspiring brand harmony by cultivating heartfelt moments catapulting growth rooted in culture & authenticity.

Marketers are not just responsible for top of the funnel conversion anymore. They are responsible for lifecycle marketing which includes acquisition, nurturing, conversion, culture and advocacy. Marketing executives now have the added requirement of generating sales, not just creating exposure or leads. With expanded answerability comes the need for more personalized connections that produce significant results, meeting the consumer on the consumer's terms, face-to-face. People not only want to connect with brands, they want more opportunities to interact with others in fun and meaningful ways. Traditional models can encourage people to buy a product or service. The X APPEAL model puts the product right in the hands of the consumer, where they decide right away if they will become a loyal buyer and advocate of the brand. People remember, 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they do. The best activations awaken the senses giving audiences what they want, stimulating responses that result in reactive sales and loyalty. 

The new XM hub designs, builds & partners with an array of companies, brands, events, pro athletes and agencies in categories ranging from luxury, lifestyle, sports entertainment, consumer goods, spirits, fashion and tourism.

Successfully mastering the intersection between media and commerce, Kukk has taken his passion one step further in the experiential space by actively shaping and executing noteworthy installations. He began his career as an athlete – a professionally signed MLB player & minor pro hockey coach in Florida.
After injury forced early retirement at the age of 21, Kukk went into the sports business as a player agent and sponsorship executive. By leveraging his influence and designing new concepts and ideas, he helped a junior hockey team become #1 in the world in sponsorship revenue & average tickets sold, where he led all of Canada in sales. With that experience and confidence he built his own successful sports marketing firm. Taking that success and a fresh approach to brand development, it led him to create a legion of new intiatives in sports, most notably "Hockey Fights Cancer," the kickplate branding property in hockey and the first fan engagement of an entire arena seating with a single brand.

Kukk added, "When you have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish and a strategic path to get there, surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, the end result is that much sweeter. When you throw out the traditional rules, anything is possible. We always look at what's obtainable, what's achievable and what's conveyable. We then set out to build the extraordinary, overwhelming audiences with experiences that leave everyone wanting more. To be involved in a lot of cool adventures in my career, it has impacted me in so many ways. I am grateful and humbled to be in the activation industry with the awesome people and brands we work with every day. I can't wait to see what we create next with our partners. Fun and passion is at the top of our list, always!"

With the rebrand of X APPEAL, the future looks very bright for this experiential team and their family of industry partners who are widely recognized as the best in the business.


X Appeal is hired by innovative brands to drive excitement, engagement, loyalty, and revenue - across North America since 2003.


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